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A stereotypical douchebag asshole/jock/frat boy/ with an ego the size of the planet, who needs a swift roundhouse kick to the jaw, ala Chuck Norris style (though if actually issued by Norris, this punishment may be too extreme, even for a chad). Basically, they think they're the best at everything, love to talk shit, and are a general nuisance in every way possible.

A chad is somewhat easy to sight, as they're everywhere, but the only way to know for sure is to talk to/observe one. They typically dress in a similar manner to a "bro", though are not in fact bros. They either wear the latest fashionable clothing from big brands, or highly expensive graphic tees, most likely of the MMA (Mixed martial arts) variety. They most likely sport a tribal tattoo, or something of the like. They most commonly drive V6 Mustangs, S10 pickup trucks, or crotch rockets.

Chads can be found in large numbers at Frat houses, local hipster bars, and nu metal concerts (which are obviously real metal shows...). They often travel in groups of a few, but can be found in swarms at these establishments. Other than being cocky and talking shit, other popular pastimes of chads include, but are not limited to: beer pong, racing hondas, UFC, and blasting nu metal on their stereo because they think it makes them look like a badass.

Again, not to be confused with the bro, who may or may not share some of these characteristics, but is actually cool, and therefore, is ok to hang around with.
Dude 1: Dude, this bar is totally full of chads tonight, what gives?
Dude 2: It's $1 Bud Light Night. Don't you know? They only like light beer.
Dude 1: Meh, screw this. Let's go somewhere else and grab a pitcher of Newcastle.
by Anonymous1_2 September 10, 2009
A lovely young man, not a douchebag, with a distinctive laugh. Chads love the outdoors and helping people. Despite their faithfulness in romantic relationships, Chads are magnets for the ladies due to their cute bums. They use their vast knowledge for good instead of evil (most of the time). While Chads are notorious for being right, they are very humble indeed, and sometimes feel bad for needing to be correct so often. Truely, Chads are good people.
Aisley: Did you hear that laugh?
Jessi: I hear it...It must be Chad!
by Ned N. June 17, 2011
Best boyfriend ever.
Chad is really the best boyfriend ever.
by JLB78 July 06, 2011
Is that a bird? is it a plane? NO ITS CHAD!!!! YESSSSSS!!!!!
by JESUS12372 October 04, 2010
Someone typically with an amazing, deep-thinking personality. Chads usually have amazing bodies and are obsessed with working out. Most of the time, Chads like artistic and creative past-times and are almost always spending time on them. Chads are good boyfriends and lovers and care more for others than themselves.
Man, that Chad sure is kind.
by WeAreWeAre January 21, 2012
sweetest boy on the planet, ridiculously hot, sexalicious, charming with the ladies. this boys got it all. xoxoxoxooxxoxoxoox <3
chad is oh so sexy
by scandal1234555574 June 02, 2011
A very sweet and caring individual who always puts others first. A trustwirthy friend and a devoted lover. Very attractive and one of a kind that many people are jealous of, and enjoys quoting borat.
I wish my boyfriend was more like Chad.
by mojovic January 02, 2011
To be phantasmigorically rad. To free-style like a boss. To greet other humans with smiling eyes and delightful enthusiasm. You wish you could put him in your pocket & keep him around forever!
Chad's so rad. He's the fad. So glad, and not mad!
by kari rawry February 09, 2012
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