A stereotypical douchebag asshole/jock/frat boy/ with an ego the size of the planet, who needs a swift roundhouse kick to the jaw, ala Chuck Norris style (though if actually issued by Norris, this punishment may be too extreme, even for a chad). Basically, they think they're the best at everything, love to talk shit, and are a general nuisance in every way possible.

A chad is somewhat easy to sight, as they're everywhere, but the only way to know for sure is to talk to/observe one. They typically dress in a similar manner to a "bro", though are not in fact bros. They either wear the latest fashionable clothing from big brands, or highly expensive graphic tees, most likely of the MMA (Mixed martial arts) variety. They most likely sport a tribal tattoo, or something of the like. They most commonly drive V6 Mustangs, S10 pickup trucks, or crotch rockets.

Chads can be found in large numbers at Frat houses, local hipster bars, and nu metal concerts (which are obviously real metal shows...). They often travel in groups of a few, but can be found in swarms at these establishments. Other than being cocky and talking shit, other popular pastimes of chads include, but are not limited to: beer pong, racing hondas, UFC, and blasting nu metal on their stereo because they think it makes them look like a badass.

Again, not to be confused with the bro, who may or may not share some of these characteristics, but is actually cool, and therefore, is ok to hang around with.
Dude 1: Dude, this bar is totally full of chads tonight, what gives?
Dude 2: It's $1 Bud Light Night. Don't you know? They only like light beer.
Dude 1: Meh, screw this. Let's go somewhere else and grab a pitcher of Newcastle.
by Anonymous1_2 September 10, 2009
A Chad is a guy that is THIRSTY!!!

They also have characteristic traits such as:


-ratchet (refer to ratchet definition)




-DTF anything

A Chadette is a girl version of a Chad!
Drunk girl: "are you a Chad?"

Drunk guy: "what's a Chad?"

Drunk girl: "okay you're not a Chad"

Girl 1: "yo the guy you were with was such a Chad!!"
Girl 2: "nawhh he's only a Chad when he's drunk!" girl: "are you a Chad?"
by Independent Bitchez January 12, 2014
A nice, kind sweet guy. He usually is black and is quite short. People say he's cute and he is very proud of it. He has a great smile and is very innocent. He likes mythology, fantasy and vampires.

He is more like a 'geek' and spends all his spare time on the computer, maybe a war game or an online dating website? Or he is trying to find the newest glitch on his computer.

Conclusion - Chad is a great guy who sometimes makes silly mistakes.
Random woman: "Hey Chad, can I borrow your car for the night?"
Chad: "Sure thing!"
"Aw, you're so cute!"
"-blush- Thank you!"
"Why the hell do you have the CD of the music of World of Warcraft in here?"
"-blush- I play it alot."
"You sure do blush alot."
"Want to have sex?"
"No thanks, I'm not ready..."
"Gee, that was a silly mistake."
by Kiss x Sis EXPERIENCE January 14, 2012
someone who is a loving boyfriend and supports you no matter what. and she is loved by a girl named Rio Bello.
I love you Chad! :)
by lolslolshaha October 10, 2011
Chad: it can mean anything you want. You can use it in place of anyword. It is mostly used as a drug, or a sexual activity.
Dino: What are you going to do today Tyler?
Tyler: Im going to go upstairs and drop a chad in the toilet. Maybe even beat my chad in a tubesock!

Dino: Damn Tyler look at your moms chad, I just wanna chad all over that!
Tyler: Dude you need to chad down with that. I dont want to have to pull out my chad and stab you.
by Diry McSquirty June 22, 2010
The pinnicle of terrible customer service.
"Remember, we want to make an impression here. Don't pull a Chad or you're fired."
by Teddy Cool February 13, 2010
A chad is typically a male. it's common that a chad would have gelled hair and wear sun glasses because they think they make them look cool. Chads would be know to act tough and like they can't fight however they will never fight. Examples of chad brands are afliction tapout hurley famous etc. Chads typically only drink and don't smoke.
That chad is taking creatine.

Hey chad where'd you get that tapout shirt?
by greatslang123 May 20, 2009
a male suffering from an alpha-male complex with a proclivity towards Fox Racing, Tapout, MMA, Affliction, Jack Daniels followed by a Coors light, Monster Energy Drink, Skin, and tribal tattoos. Chads surround themselves with females named Missy or Amber, and other males named Darrel. Chads can often be found driving lifted trucks, covered in aforesaid stickers and sportin' a soul patch/chin strap. Chads refer to other Chads as "bro," and can often be found reenacting their favorite MMA moves on each other to impress Missy, Amber and Darrel.
by antihero123 March 25, 2011

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