A passive-aggressive bitch. Sort of a 'bitchette' as it were. A spinoff from biotchand biatch.

Commonly combined with 'ho', as in, chachie ho.
Girl 1: My boss Linda won't just come out and say she hates me. She just acts all snippy.

Girl 2: What a chachie.
by tangerine February 22, 2004
Top Definition
A big behind the times dork that tries to hard to be hip, accepted, "cool".
Why are all the chachies trying to buy me drinks, cant they see I am a hottie and will not give them the time of day?
by Amy Z August 04, 2004
a females private part that is exreamly hairy.
dude megan had the worst cha chie i have ever seen.. i think i even saw some dandruff
by yaseen aka yasasin December 27, 2006
In guyanese terms, your huband's sister. (Chacha for your husband's brother.)
Meh chachie propah dance up at de party lass nite!!!
by bud-ee shamu June 28, 2006
When a guy fingers a girl both in the vagina and the anus at the same time.
"Hey sweetie let me do chachie to you to night!"
by poop November 02, 2004
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