Chapa is the Spanish version of "shawty" it pretty much means the same thing. Its "chaparrita" but shortened which in Spanish means short girl, kinda like a nickname for ur daughter or loved one. Chapa is a name for ur bottom bitch or even a sexy broad walking down the street. This term is commonly used among the Mexican-Americans, Whitexican-Americans, Blackxican-Americans and others that live around the brown people in the west and south side of Phoenix.
bottom bitch: ayee cariño, what you want me to cook up before you come from work today?

pimpin: damn chapa, you, some strawberry's and some whipped cream sounds good to me.

bottom bitch: ay papi, you sure know how to get a bitch wet.
by j zilla da gift March 06, 2012
Top Definition
In spanish/Dominican terms this word means big ass. Chapa is known more as a slang word, also recognized in the song "Mena tu Chapa" translated in to English- " shake that Chapa/ass"
This song has gone viral for Spanish viewers.

"Menea tu Chapa" belongs to the Dominican artist known as Wilo d nuevo/new.
Damn ma bend that chapa over!
by juliani June 12, 2014
Chicken Parmesan Sub.
Cashier: Hello sir, what would you like today?

Customer: I would like a Cha-Pa.
by DWest13 January 10, 2007
In Spanish gay slang, an instance of sexual intercourse, typically between a male prostitute (chapero) and his customer.
Qué, tío, nos hacemos una chapa?

What then, mate, shall we have a shag?
by fonsucu June 12, 2008
a generally overbearing friend who just won't leave you alone. even though you've tried very hard to get them to go by verbal and/or physical abuse.
see synonyms at "goosegog"
quick! make a distraction so we can get away from that chapa!
by tra la la February 25, 2004
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