Gangsta capital of NO VA
cept the east side of centreville
west side of centreville after crossing the bridge will fuck with your mind
dont go there
them boys is killers over there.
yo lets go to In and out convience
is that on the west side of centreville?
fuck it then i dont wanna get jumped
by Deboh February 02, 2005
Whole differnt style out there.
straight up hood, gang banging neighborhoods all around centreville
Lakeside apartments aka Badside
the knolls
The meadows
centre ridge blocks ( some near meadows)
Sanderling Apartments
All near centre ridge elementary school which is why that school is so ghetto.
many other neighborhoods in centreville are gang street neighborhoods its a whole differnt degree of homicide in centreville. some parts isnt but take a wrong turn end up in the hood, your dead.
Located in Northern Virginia
known for high crime rate.
Centreville hoods dont play around, you fuck with one of there homeboys your dead.
i would know
by Hood definer February 08, 2005
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