Many people have never heard of Central Jersey, unless they have met someone fortunate enough to be from this area. This region exists because the inhabitants here find it to difficult to associate themselves with the debilitated Northern or trashy Southern parts of the state. People who live here are generally more wealthy and more educated - they also tend to have more subtle accents then their less-evolved neighbors.
Central Jersey can easily be defined geographically. By county, only Monmouth is fully incorporated. Start form the tip of Sandy Hook and follow the Raritan Bay coast until you reach the Driscoll Bridge on the GSP. Anything north of that bridge is NOT Central Jersey. From the Driscoll, draw a line to Princeton, and then from there a line to Manasquan. Everything within that roughly made triangle is Central Jersey.

Some may argue this area should be larger. It should not. Inhabitants of North and South Jersey will claim this region does not even exist - mostly because of the contempt they feel for our lack of enthusiasm at being defined as Northern or Southern. Central Jersey is the essence of New Jersey - we have minimum violence, low poverty, high incomes, the beautiful / not tourist beaches, and kind people. We do not have pine barren forests, hoagies, guidos, landfills, or petroleum refineries.

If you really want to see the real New Jersey, come visit Central Jersey and you'll understand why we separate ourselves as we do.
by Jersey Hero July 21, 2013
1: A fairytale land that no one has found becuase it does not exist.
2: A term used by people who dont want to be associated with north or south jersey because they think that a third sectoin of the state is less shitty than the rest of it...its not
Central Jersey can be found on a map between Candyland and Hell
by Feltronix November 02, 2008
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