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Sex organ of a male from Middle India.

The region is dominated by the Indo-Aryan branch of the short-statured round-headed Alpine race, which displays
morphological adaptation to extremely cold Alpine climates, such as brachycephaly (round-headedness), short stature &, due to Allen's Rule, diminished extremities such as arms, legs & penis. Consequently, this sub-type of the European Alpine Penis is naturally slightly smaller than the North Indian Penis of the tall long-headed Nordic-Iranian or Iranoid Race, which displays adaptation to temperate-cold Iranian climates rather than Alpine-cold or Siberian climates.

However, the difference between the 2 Aryan types is not substantial, & both are in turn dwarfed by the far more
voluminous South Indian Penis, which is largest due to Dravidian or Negroid-Australoid predominance in Tamil Nadu & Aethiopoid dominance in Malabar:

Region ... (Race) ___ Erect Penis (Soft) _ Ref (see below)
C European (Alpine) ... 10.83 cm ( 7.22 cm). 1
C Indian . (Alpine) ... 11.49 cm ( 7.66 cm). 2
N Indian . (Iranoid) .. 11.78 cm ( 7.85 cm). 3
S Indian . (Dravidoid). 13.01 cm ( 8.21 cm). 4
S Indian . (Dravidoid). 24.13 cm (16.09 cm). 5

Microphallism is most evident amongst Marathis, Bengalis & Brahmins, where vegetarian diets further diminish the already modest dimensions of the Central Indian Phallus.
a) References for Central Indian Penis:

1 LG Farkas 'Basic morphological data of external genitals in 177 healthy central European men' Amer J Phys Anthro
34 (1976): 325-328
2 BD Chaurasia & TB Singh (Depts of Anat & Surgery, GR Med Coll, Gwalior). 'Anthropological data of male external
genitals in Central Indian healthy adults' Anthropologischer Anzeiger 34/3-4 (1974): 210-215
3 CD Gupta, AK Arora, SC Gupta & P Jeya Singh 'Anthropometric Study of Male External Genitalia of 344 Healthy Northern Indian Adults' J Ind Anthro Soc 12 (1977): 75-80
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5 A Edwardes 'The Jewel in the Lotus' NY: Julian Press, 1959: 60.
Note: Farkas factor used for 5 soft, 1 & 2 erect size.

b) "A basic morphological study of the male external genitals in 116 central Indian, healthy adults, 17 to 20 years of age, was done by making 5 objective measurements and observing 6 qualitative signs. The average length of the flaccid penis was 76.57 mm. The average circumferences of the penis and scrotum were 87.67mm and 182.84mm respectively. The circumference of the penis was uniformly greater than the length. The right testicle (46.49 mm x 29.42 mm) was larger than the left (43.78mm x 28.34mm)." (Chaurasia & Singh, ibid.) Using the Farkas factor of 50%, one thus obtains 11.49 cm (7.657cm x 1.5) as the mean length of the erect Central Indian Penis.
by Moollah_Do_Pyaza March 10, 2011
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