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A school district filled with stuck up, spoiled brats.

Central Bucks has won various awards, none of which are very important. People pack into the area (hence why there are 3 high schools, 5 middle schools, and 15 elementary schools) just to say "oh, my child goes to central bucks" like anyone aculty cares.

Newer housing developments are abundant in this area, great big houses on a quarter acre lots. You can sit on your deck and feel claustrophobic because all you can see is walls of siding. Lawn mowing takes 15 min tops, not that anyone aculty gets their pampered ass on a mover, they just hire mexicans to do it for them. 85% of people from central bucks live in this type of neighborhood.

Central Bucks has alliances with the other nearby richie schools: North Penn, Council Rock, and Cetennial. Kids from these schools are snobby, but not as bad as CB kids. Their enemies are the districts from upper bucks: Pennridge, Souderton, Quakertown, and Palisades. Kids here are more normal. Although, CB kids think their trashy because according to them "one story houses and driving cars from late 90s / early 2000s" is so ghetto.

CB kids don't know what normal is. To them normal is: Living in a huge house, driving a new car paid for by mommy and daddy, not working, having college completly paid for by mommy and daddy, and relying on mommy and daddy until the day they die. These people are just palin bad people that only care about them selves.
Here are some quites taken from Central Bucks School District students:

"Whats charity?"

"Did you here Maddie is getting some sort of 4 year old convertable for her 16th birthday?! She can't pull up to school in that piece of trash. It's not even a BMW, Mercedes, or Audi. She'll give our school a bad name!"

"Wow, that phone dosn't even have web connection, faggot."

"Nicole had her hair in a bun today, retard. Dosn't she know it has to be straightend every day or you go to pennridge?"

"My car costs 45 grand, so i'm automatically better than you!"

Don't ever move here if you can help it.
by pennridgerulez July 08, 2011
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