Centennial is definitely a school that is either loved or hated. Known for being the best (academically, and often athletically) in Howard County, MD, competition for everything imaginable is present at this school. GPAs and class rank are often worried about, and there are definitely an extreme amount of AP students. We boast several awesome sports teams, with which school spirit is starting to increase, though it is still generally fairly low. The 6th Man club definitely assists with this, and Class Color Day during Homecoming is the one day a year when virtually everyone shoes their school spirit. The orchestra is known for being the best in the state. The school has undergone some scandal, with a black teacher suing over racism from faculty and the grade changing fiasco. However, Centennial generally maintains its positive reputation. The school is also commonly known for its high percentage of Asian students, around 25%. Though Centennial hosts students from a variety of backgrounds, the presence of fairly wealthy people is pretty strongly felt. Though Centennial has many adversaries, including River Hill academically, Mt. Hebron is generally perceived as the main rival.
Centennial High School loves you Mt. Hebron! ....NOT.
by chs eagle April 20, 2006
Top Definition
A Bunker like structure situated in Howard County, often rated as one of the top schools in Maryland. Most people agree that its architectual design resembles a prison or bunker. Contains a overwhelming amount of Asians, (Misnomer Chentennial), and has hardware collections that are still in use ranging from thermometers used in WWI to computers built during the Cold War. It is believed that the usage of such legacy systems is caused by a lack of adaquate funding to upgrade infrastructure.
*Centennial High School computers needs 30 or more minutes to start Mozilla Firefox.
by Zulu Charlie April 03, 2011
A school in Middle Tennessee that lacks academic and athletic success. Most students are still in the closet but will come out in their future at their time at Centennial.
Guy 1: Hey man, what school do you go to?

Guy 2: Centennial High School.

Guy 1: Well, you must be going through a hard time then.
by pamasonic November 12, 2011
A shitty ass school where a bunch of morons teach, and some how make the students even more retarded
centennial highschool
by Bc i say so May 19, 2009
A prison located in the Meridian/Boise vicinity filled with sexually transmitted whores, coke addicts and cough syrup addicted pregos.
Acquaintance: "So, what school do you go to?"

Student: "Centennial High School."

Acquaintance: "Damn dude that sucks! What are you in for?"
by SeargentCoolWhip February 24, 2011
A prison like facility used for educational purposes, but it doesn't succeed. Their football team sucks...so does their band. They need new uniforms. Marching turds. lol. People who teach there were found on the streets of Nampa. They could shank you. They also smell. Really bad like old people and soup.

Also the school is located in Boise, Idaho.
How long did you have to serve time at Centennial High School, Arlene?

Your Centennial smells funny.
by Goofy Goobers Club September 16, 2008
Supposedly one of the highest rated high schools in hoco, though, many of its students would beg to differ. It is one of the less talked about high schools in the region with its average achievement and its less than agreeable sports records. Though it remains in the top of its category, many others wonder why its there to begin with...
- Its all right, its ok, centennial high school wins anyway!!!
- Wait...wat?!
by wondering schooler January 27, 2009
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