1. Blind; blind faith; Latin; the name of a saint; patron saint of the blind and musicians.

2. A day of feasting in Catholic Christianity which falls on November 22 of every year.

3. Women of deep Christian faith who many people admire.
I admire Saint Cecilia because she, like me, is/was very musical, as is my mother, who was named after her.
by Michelle/Boogawes July 17, 2008
A girl who is good at launguages, good at sport, and loves being with friends. Comes from the Saint Cecilia. Pantran Saint of Music. She can get any guy she wants, and is a party animal people love being around her! She falls inlove very easily!
Guy: Oi, look at that girl
Guy2 : she looks like a Cecilia

Guy: How can you tell?
Guy 2: Becasuse she is so pretty... i want her!
by loveme!<3 September 09, 2010
n. ¹ a Pokémon.
² a rad nerd chick.

v. The state of exuding radness.
Cecilia, I choose you!

Oh man ... look how cecilia she is!

They sure are getting their cecilia on ....
by nytethekid October 04, 2009
A funny, smart, cute girl who attracts all the boys. She seems to be girly but she is also tough. She is low in her confidence, and heartbroken so she is always blushing and looking down.
Cecilia is so awkward.
by karatekid3499 March 21, 2015
A twitchy hippy with a constant spasm in the left arm. Hair length ranges from down to the floor to as long as Ronnie Winter's from the Red Jumpsuit Apparatus.
Cecilia: Like, let's save the world!

Fred: Hmmmmm... u must be a Cecilia.

by Qofi December 11, 2007
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