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An extremely small private college in central New York. There is no diversity and the girl to guy ratio is 70/30. It’s mainly all horseback riders and art majors. The town that its in (Cazenovia, NY) is nice but its not a college town. It is not a party school when put in comparison to surrounding schools. Allot of students leave for the weekend. Small classes. Nice professors. lots of snow
friend 1:"Lets find something fun to do tonight"
friend 2:"Well everyone on our floor is home for the weekend except for the crazy horse girl, the pizza places all closed at 8 and its too cold out to walk up to the Alleys."
friend 1: "youre right. lets get drunk and make fun of laura pipe."
friend 3:"but we did that last weekend"
friend 1:" we are at cazenovia college, there is nothing else to do."
by eskiho November 17, 2007
A very small school in a town called Cazenovia. The only commercial places in the town include subway and McDonalds and you have to walk about a mile and a half to get to McDonalds, which isn't even worth it because the whole time school is in session its about 0 degrees outside. Cazenovia has the worst winters so it's always snowing and you're constantly ruining your suede boots!

And by all means, DO NOT listen to the tour guides. They LIE. They will make the school seem 100 times better than it really is and tell you how great the cafeteria is (btw it's the worst food I've ever had in my life, I can't believe it's actually edible) and they say that they will take you to the Syracuse mall whenever you want to, which is a lie because they rarely have mall trips.

Do not come here if you are looking for a good time. BEWARE Don't even bother going on a tour. They will lie and make you think it's an entirely different place than it really is.
Cindy: "I'm hungry"
Bill: "That's too bad because the cafeteria closes at 6!"
Cindy: "Why is that?"
Bill: "I have no idea, we pay $30,000 to go to Cazenovia College and I really do wonder where that money is going"
by collegechickka May 17, 2009

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