A natural born leader. You will never forget this girl. With a beautiful smile and loving heart it's no wonder she's easy to fall in love with.

She has a sense of humor that will make you laugh so hard you're rolling on the ground

Secretly very romantic & quite the charmer
Somehow she is always one step ahead

Wonderful listener

Extremely stubborn and hot headed

A fun and wild personality so you never know what's she's going to do or say next
That Cayla is so fun!

Cayla is such a great person always looking out for me!

"How does she always know?!"
"I don't know but that's Cayla for you"
by Princess fabulous October 24, 2013
Top Definition
A Beautiful Person, inside and out! Always be there for you, whenever you need her. Loves you with all her heart.

Awesome at Keeping her Word. Talk To her When you need someone. Try not to fall in love with her.

Everybody wishes they were a cayla! Too badd! Blame your mother(:
"Cayla, didn't tell you? Well at least i can trust her"
"Cayla is fucking cutee;"
"Im in love with cayla,"
by Freaxxx21 September 26, 2009
Most amazing person you could ever meet, never afraid to tell you what she thinks, you dont want to get on her bad side :P
if you do my advice for you is to RUN cuz she feeds on other pplz pain :D
P.S. dont show her your crack
you wish you were a cayla
by PERSON1234321 January 28, 2009
An amazing person inside and out. When she promises something, she means it. She will never let you down. On the other hand she's extreamly honest, and will tell you exactly what she thinks if you ask her opinion... Despite her o' so happy appearnce she usually carries a lot of baggage or sadness from her past; but she would never let anyone know that.

If you are ever lucky enough to meet a Cayla, then you have met an incredible and inspiring person... She's weird but the best kind of weird you can find. She's fun, joyful, and full of adventure!

Also she's very athletic, determined, artistc, loyal, wise, compassionate, and has many hidden talents or abilities... She may never tell you her hidden talents or deepest secrets- but don't feel offended that's just they way she is. Despite being very open and honest, she's very mysterious and secretive.
"That Cayla's so weird."
"I know but you've got to love her!"
by Magicalmagic October 26, 2013
A classy gal who's extremely sexy, charming, and intelligent. Usually very athletic, short, and loyal. Despite her forgiving nature and big heart...you NEVER EVER want to get on her bad side! She has no problem taking you down.

If you ever need a person to talk to that you know will keep your secret, talk to her. But be wary when asking her opinion, she will tell you exsactly like it is- so be prepared to listen whether you like it or not.

Cayla's are spontaneous and love freedom. And seldom appear sad. They tend to put others first and rarely express much emotion; besides the constant appearance of being filled with joy. (In which they really are just bubbly, happy, gorgeous people inside and out)
"Damn look how hot that girl is!"

"Oh wow now that's a Cayla!"

"Everyone wishes they could be a Cayla"
by Zackmackattck October 24, 2013
Cayla is the type of girl everyone is or wants to be friends with. She can light up the room with just her smile. When you get to know her she is the most trustworthy and loyal friend you could ask for. She may have some flaws, but doesn't everyone? She is intelligent, beautiful and knows what she wants. If you ever needed someone to talk to, it would be this girl, so if you happen to find a Cayla, become friends with her.
"Do you see that girl, Cayla? She is so pretty"
"I heard she is a great person to talk to and really funny"
by oblivious.brunette16 October 22, 2015
a cold hearted bitch move
oh shit dude your just pulled a cayla on that hoe
by joseppi21 May 28, 2009

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