A cat with no tail that can still balance because it's magic.
*Cat walking around with no tail*
Friend "Wow..look at that Caty!"
by Roxalox May 03, 2012
Top Definition
An urban slang for attractive females.
Look at that caty, yo. She's fine.
by LalaBritBrit February 01, 2009
a very attractive looking female. killer body, blonde hair, and blue eyes. tall and tan.
"that bitch, she's a total caty."
by Aurora November 26, 2003
A brunette babe with a killer body, skilled in the art of "Shake Weight". Also works wonders with a Hula-Hoop.
Look at that Caty, performs the 6-minute workout in just 30 seconds.
by LunchMonday January 26, 2010
To pull a cat-y

To say something stupid or embarrass yourself in front of others
CATY:Americans speak American right?

Kasie:.... you just pulled a cat-y

Cindy: definitely!
by Ktceetc April 23, 2011
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