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A brunette babe with a killer body, skilled in the art of "Shake Weight". Also works wonders with a Hula-Hoop.
Look at that Caty, performs the 6-minute workout in just 30 seconds.
by LunchMonday January 26, 2010
46 34
An urban slang for attractive females.
Look at that caty, yo. She's fine.
by LalaBritBrit February 01, 2009
72 23
a very attractive looking female. killer body, blonde hair, and blue eyes. tall and tan.
"that bitch, she's a total caty."
by Aurora November 26, 2003
86 75
A cat with no tail that can still balance because it's magic.
*Cat walking around with no tail*
Friend "Wow..look at that Caty!"
by Roxalox May 03, 2012
9 9
To pull a cat-y

To say something stupid or embarrass yourself in front of others
CATY:Americans speak American right?

Kasie:.... you just pulled a cat-y

Cindy: definitely!
by Ktceetc April 23, 2011
0 4