A tattoo of a cat anywhere on your body.
Check out that black cattoo on that girl's back!
by Courtney77 March 29, 2006
Top Definition
A tattoo of a cat that makes a noise when you rub it. However, the tattoo must be on your dick.
Josh: Nice Cattoo man.
Ben: Why are you lookin' at my dick man?
by Ben McLaky January 01, 2008
A tattoo of a domesticated house cat.

Mostly used in a negative sense....
That guy over there has a cattoo, what a loser i mean seriously he is like a cat lady in dude form
by covenentmaster October 05, 2010
A method of tattooing where ink is applied to the claws of a cat, which is then dropped on the face of the sleeping victim.

Can be done by a kitten, but significantly less effective.
Peter was viciously cattooed in retaliation to his refusal of the ceremonial tater-tot.
by cats can type July 23, 2011
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