The act of a cat rubbing itself on any object in order to achieve a (catgasm)
"hey, get your cat off me, it keeps catsturbating all over my legs"
"sorry, he just likes you"

Catsturbation, noun, origin of the NoVa descent of Catsturbating, or to catsturbate
by Cantzoneri January 06, 2010
Top Definition
Using a cat to masturbate. Some consider it a sport.
I catsturbate when im bored and fluffy is around.
by Aaron, "the shark" April 09, 2005
The act of masturbating only to open one's eyes to the judgmental stare of one's cat
Fluffy walked in on me again...So I guess catsturbation is my thing now. I really need to get a girlfriend.
by hightowers March 30, 2011
When one or more of the feline persuasion pleasure themselves with their porpus toungue.
Luna, if you dont stop the Catsturbation Joanna will do it for you!
by Bryannames November 09, 2006
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