Generally a fat, want-to-be emo kid. Always have baggy eyes and try to be friends with all the boys they can, but secretly everyone hates her. one of the bitchiest people you could ever meet, always avoid catriona's.
most people would rather die than fuck a catriona.
by jessy50 May 28, 2009
Top Definition
A lovely young girl.
A wonderfully intelligent being.

abv. Cat
hey Cat! you're really cool!!
by anonymous August 15, 2004
Catriona - nicest person you want to meet, witty, intelligent, caring and loving, the name encapulates kindness and loyalty, but she is free spirited and can slip out of your hands so if you get one to sit on your hand and not run, be very grateful and don't let her go but don't hold too tight or she do a runner in the night - also know as Cat YOu can only love a Catriona, if you get one, don't let it go
Catriona known as Cat (ie) Cat is so cool, we love cat
by cat lover extrordinare February 13, 2010
Total tank of a girl with guns of steel. Can throw boiled eggs and golf balls at dangerous speeds.
Guy1: "Woh she just got nailed!"
Guy2: "Fighting a Catriona I guess.."
by Snam The Anonymous April 04, 2011
Amazing. Catrionas are exciting, awesome girls. they're bubbly and funny, if not a little away with the fairies! girls called catriona are always a pleasure to talk to and very friendly, not to mention hot!
guy 1: that was the most interesting girl ive spoke to in ages, and cute!
guy 2: she must be called catriona!
by coldsideofthepillowXxX January 27, 2013
A creature that dwells in brothels, wearing tarty little outfits gnawing on green apples. out to lure innocent wannabee doctors, and dressing them up in pointless underwear to be be sold off in tunisia!

but they are wonderful creatures at heart.

Eg. ohh man that Catrionas HOT, she can ravish my green apple any day.
by Kyotee May 17, 2008
Derived from the Abromovich family of wilda-beasts. This hideous Monstrosity is an urban legend amongst university students. Often said to be an awful God-send to the student populous.
Would you rather sleep with a catriona or die a painful death? - Most people would chose death.
by Rory Catriona Owen April 24, 2008
dumb blonde.When someone calls someone a catriona that means that they are hoe-ish and that they are white trash.
Look at that dumb Catriona.
by Allyssaxhuskyy January 02, 2009
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