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The coolest Person i have ever met , she is funny and Gorgeous ! always fun to be around because she gets along with everone, She is my bestfriend ! xx
Woah its catrice! :D
by cassidyf May 28, 2012
A halarious ball of energy who never fails to make the world burst into tears of laughter. Catrice is always laughing, always smiling, and will go to the ends of the earth to get a smile out of anyone. A master at video games, gorgeous beyond compare, accepting of all no mater who you are, and more eccentric then a Ravenclaw, she's the friend you want to have. Catrice is a darling little bad ass who has more sex appeal then all the women in the earth put together. If you're not with her, you want to be, and if you aren't her, you wish every day you were.
"Oh my gosh, Catrice is just the most amazing of things!"

"I know, she is totally my favorite."
by baconcarbonaraa May 28, 2012
Otherwise known as Boob

A sometimes ditsy and loud bruenette that is by definition blonde.
Catrice: Hi!!! I've missed you
Person: Hello Boob, I've missed you too.
Catrice: *Runs over, kicks her own foot and ends up breaking her toes.*
by wolfpuzzle April 03, 2008
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