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(noun) having the characteristics of being cat like or flirtacious...the oppostite of non fun

(person) gabi or caroline
That girl was just so catly mcwhiskers today; did you see her scadelous skirt?
by gabriela December 27, 2004
Origin: AP Psychology with Ms. Lynn and the Thinking Dictionary.

Noun: a flirt or a person who flirts around and sparkles; Ben Hoopes, Gabi, Caroline, or Ms. Lynn. The opposite of a Mattly McNo-Fun.

Adj: flirty or silly.
Catly McWhiskers played Cranium all night long, drank Jose Cuervo, and sexed!

Ben was so catly when he walked passed Caroline's desk, so she called him a flirt!
by Catly December 28, 2004

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