person#1-"yo man i have aids, aye."
person#2-"go to CATIE, aye."
by catiegirl February 07, 2013
a sexy southern bellydancer
Dizzamn! Did you see that catie at the club the other night?
by kornkandykitezz September 07, 2006
a beautiful aussie chick, who loves vegemite, likes Abbey's and hates Sophia's. Is in the show BIZ, and is married to Hugh Jackman (if she wishes, she may also marry anyone in the In My Pants Club) polygamy is okay! She also has large beautiful feet, and breasts. Every guy wants a Catie.
"Dayummmmm look at that girl, she must be a Catie"

"Hey lil' mama you wanna get into my pants, only if your a Catie!"
by beautifulandihaveasecret March 24, 2010
catie is attracted to nerdy boys who are nice and attractive but not like freakishly attractive.
catie is more special then a wombat who can juggle.
and she is loved greatly by Rori and Nicole, catie is a very attractive human being who likes to wear glitter makeup who stalks the night looking for men with her two comrades in crime, Rori and Nicole. There "possee" is often compared to that of characters on Awesome Town (characters: andy, jorma, akiva)which airs on SNL, and she also is in love with Joel Mchale
"look at that catie over there, she'sbomb-diggity dawg"
"woah that wombat is really catie."
by Rori & Nicole/ Andy & Yorma October 20, 2007

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