A little polish dumbfuck on devianTART who can't take constructive criticism, and will block you if you dont be all lyke 'OMG AMAZING JOB I LOVE THIS OUTFIT YEAAAA!!!!!!1111111!!!!ONE. Also the biggest camwhore ever and constantly uploads photos of herself like anyone gives a shit what this faggot really looks like... Also has imaginary friends and watches LazyTown when she's 19 years old, major lulz. One word MySpace.... or if where lucky enough Encyclopedia Dramatica.
Person - I think the legs look a little off...

Cathyerina - *Goes to journal sobbing* Like i didn't ask for critiques GTFO!!!11!!

you are blocked within 5 seconds of putting a constructive crit to this retard.
by Polishdumbfucks November 03, 2009

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