The strongest and oldest belief in God and Jesus. In Catholicism, The Virgin Mary has a more prominent role of the faith. It is commonly believed by those with little understanding of the religion, that it is the most inclined to be stereotypical and bigoted against all who don't follow the bible. This is not the case, as the main culprits of said acts are the Mormon's, and the Evangelical's. They are the one's who hold anti-gay rally's and such, the Catholic faith, while not supporting Gay marriage, will not speak up and say that all homosexuals are going to Hell. Catholics are actually much more lenient when it comes to what automatically condemns you to Hell. The main aspects of a Catholic church, at least the Roman ones, are masses given in Latin, Bishops in the church, and an altar with grails, a small chest, and a statue of Jesus on the cross above the altar. Most also have stained glass windows depicting scenes from the bible.
For awhile Catholicism gained negative press when many Priests were accused of molesting the boys of their respective churches. Though in comparison to the rest of the Catholic community, the amount of perpetrators was small. The Vatican itself stated that the act was a direct violation of the sixth commandment, and was considered a grave sin. Since those times Catholicism has been left alone somewhat, but people still remain ignorant to this day.

Everday person: HEY!
Catholic: Yeah? What's up?
EP: Why are you being so stupid man? Gay's have every right to be married!
C: What the hell are you talking about?
EP: You're a Catholic right?
C: Yeeeeeeah... why?
EP: That means you're against gay marriage!
C: Not really, I'm all for something that gives people more options.
EP: Yeah, right. You're all righteous and everything, that's why your Priests molest boys.
C: OY! Your treading ground of unfamiliar territory, I suggest you stop where you are.
EP: Bah, you're faith supports sex with kids.
C: It does not you dolt!
EP: Oh yeah? Show me!
C: Right here, the sixth commandment.
EP: Oh...
C: You're looking for the Mormon and Evangelical church, that's two blocks that-a-way.
EP: Oh, ok, thanks. And um, sorry about that.
C: mhm
by Lapsed Catholic August 28, 2009
A sect of Christianity based on the teachings of Cathol.
That man Cathol, was a role model for the popes, as you can tell by their gluttenous behavior.
by Drafone January 20, 2005
im gonna sound really bad when i say this, but i will say what i must. Though the catholic church is amongst the oldest forms of christian belief, it is also the most tainted and dark form. Not the Orthodox catholic, but the roman catholic (sorry!). It was because of the Roman Catholic church, that thousands of Native American tribes went extinct. It also lead to the enslavement of blacks and the colonization of the Orient. Soon, the will to spread the word of God became malevolent will and avarice. Also, the Roman Catholic church praises the pope as God's interpreter, no man can choose for the world the meaning of the scripitures, no matter how pure he is...
Catholicism's hands are unfortunately stained with blood
by da outcast May 08, 2005
A continuation of ancient Roman paganism, except that the Caesar is called the Pope, the headquarters were renamed the Vatican, the gods were renamed to Saints, the mother of Jupiter was replaced by Mary mother of God, and the nuns no longer have wild sex orgies followed by human sacrifice. However, the priests are still called priests, and the ancient Roman tradition of sodomizing boys is still carried on to this day.
So all roads still lead to Rome after all.
by Dan with the Plan March 05, 2003
This is a form of Christianity that is flat out WRONG! sorry Catholics, but many of your traditions aren't what God wants. Take for example, confessions. Sitting in a drak room, being anoynomous to a priest that will connect you to God for your your forgiveness. Whats wrong you ask? Since when do people need a priest to get forgiveness?a guy in a fancy robe is not going to get you into heaven, or hell. You will. Only by the blood of Jesus Chrsit, the risen savior, can save you from sin. The Most High does not need a mediator to connect Him with His clients. What YOU have to do is accept Jesus into your life, make him the lord of it. that's it. Nothing more, nothing less. No worldly deeds can get you into heaven. Read this: "
Since you trust in your deeds and riches,
you too will be taken captive,
and Chemosh will go into exile,
together with his priests and officials." (Jeremiah 48:7)

See? with only deeds, there is nothing. There must be faith. And the catholics seem wrapped up in all their deeds that they often forget the faith.
And how bout holy water? its just water, in a fancy bowl. Only Jesus can truly be "Holy Water" Check out john 4:14: "but whoever drinks the water I (Jesus) give him will never thirst. Indeed, the water I give him will become in him a spring of water welling up to eternal life." catholicism has a little work to do.
by always in Christ May 07, 2007

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