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The name of a female, generally Hungarian, Italian, Irish or any mix of those listed. Very pretty-more so than Katherines, Catherines, Kathryns, and the like.
Guy 1: Hey Catherine
Catharine: I'm not Catherine, I'm CathArine.
Guy 1: Oh, I was wondering why you looked prettier today.
by Senor Chiquita Banana December 06, 2011

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Mike: "Do you know Catharine?"
Joe: "Catherine... she's ok"
Mike: "No CathArine."
Joe: " O.... she's unreal."
by coolio8798 November 07, 2011
A beautiful, artistic female who all the men want. Known to be mildly crazy, but in an ultimately endearing manner. Dresses very well. If you cannot help checking her out, you are not alone.
-Hey, did you meet the new girl, Catharine?

-Yeah, she's beyond sexy!

-And she paints ridiculously well.
by Magic One January 14, 2014