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A girl that takes a very long time making decisions and when they make one they usually not satisfied. Has a negative comment for everything they see or know but keeps it to themselves. Is really smart when she wants to but also has lazy moments. Athletic and always excited. Beautiful but very different. Very similar to Catherine.
" OMG, just get that one, you look like a Catharina"

"Today I will win this SHIT"
by alexander798 December 19, 2011
Name, female. Derived from the Ancient Greek katharsis, meaning purification and cleanliness, mostly in the sense of cleansing the soul with tragedy plays.
Includes Christian saints: Catharina of Alexandria, who argued Christian doctrine with heathen philosophers, martyred in 307 AD. Catharina of Siena, mystic, nun and writer, died 1380.
by Cattitude February 19, 2010