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That long novel that gives props to hip-hop.
Catapult Soul flow: "The lion’s share of Hip-Hop’s life has been contaminated with misconceptions; namely, that its essence is misogynistic, homophobic, unintelligent, derivative, and a catalyst for drugs, violence, and crimes that support the Machiavellian cause. But perhaps before one speaks on it, one must first overstand big puns and da LA soul, da NY soul, and every soul of mischief, living legend, and public enemy that tries to come in between the two. And perhaps one shouldn’t assume that what’s promoted through the Industry is reflective of what’s found in the Underground, where, in the roots, music originates, establishes its cause, and stays true to it, as long as it doesn’t come up to touch the grass. Ya digg?"
by Hip-Hop I Don't Stop May 14, 2009
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