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A Cat-Job is similar to a hand-job. Its like your stroking a cats tail. And painful
I was at a party last week and the girl didnt know how to give a proper hand-job. she gave me a cat-job
by Cadillac C--Y January 19, 2011
The act of pulling down a females pants, discovering her Extremely hairy vagina but don't mind it and start licking away.
John: so how was ur night with that bitch?

Bob: she looked madd good, but that bitch had a hairy pussy.


Bob: actually, I didn't mind it, and I gave her a catjob.

John: ur fucking sick dude.
by mr. escobar January 18, 2009
When you cuss, and you either cuss in your mind(internally)or out loud(externally)when you want to approach a girl but can't do it!
Mike: Man, I have to go talk to that girl over there.
Jason: Do it, man.
Mike: Errrrr. I can't. Damn!
Jason: Catjob!!!!!
by Maikyboy4leesy November 14, 2008

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