a total bitch that should just go die like she made poor little munro do. she is a puppy murdering selfish little cow that acts like a slut and for some reason loves people who hate her. maybe because there is no-one who doesnt hate her.
hi im catnut i ran away so my mum killed munro yeah i basically killed a 4 week old puppy and i should go die bye im going to jump off the tay bridge
by Catnut.x April 07, 2009
Top Definition
a rare disease where your balls grow whiskers and crave tuna
I have cat nuts
by Health 2 May 17, 2009
Someone who has the brain size of a cat, a total idiot
Angie: What the hell did you do that for? Catnut!

Kimi: I do not have the brain of a cat!!
by CatderSongRocks August 30, 2008
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