fanny flaps but on a cat =]
Fuckface: Wow Look At Those Catflaps On that Cat Going Through the Catflap
Shithead: Whoaaa!! They're Huge!
by sp-funkycat January 28, 2009
Top Definition
A bisexual person. One who ''swings both ways''.
Did you hear about John taking a bloke home the other night?

Yes, I know he's always been a bit of a cat flap.
by paella-munching fool October 02, 2007
an affectionate name for a vagina
I licked her cat flaps all night
by R. cook November 10, 2004
its what holds a girls insides in,pussy lips meat curtans piss flaps bat ears
that bird i pulled last night had the biggest cat flaps i have ever seen.
by badgerroy June 28, 2008
Arse. Ass. The fudge tunnel. The marmite mine. The "porcelain pebbledasher".

Used particularly to describe the potential adjacence of that region to one's foot.
You waantin a kick up the catflap, ya prick?
by Pipe Downn June 12, 2011
The under belly of all cats. There are usually two distinct flaps between their back left and right legs. They are noticeable while strolling. They usually become larger as the cat gets older and/or fatter.
Caroline fed her young cat Seymour so frequently that his cat flaps eventually became so large that they dragged on the floor whilst walking.
by planetsleeep January 28, 2010
swings both ways - bisexual
Dayam, she's such a catflap. She did me AND my boyfriend.
by LadyLazarus August 02, 2004
Where the labia (womans lips :) ) hang low and create a flap.
I was watching a tv program where a woman had saggy lips, it reminded me of a cat flap.... And as another word for the vagina is pussy (cat) and people call the lips fanny flaps I put two n two togther.... VOILAAA! Cat flaps!!
"Get you cat flaps out!!l
The old lady bent over to reveal her cat flaps
The womans cat flaps whistled in the wind
by little_l September 26, 2011

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