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Cat Ears are superior to Bunny Ears. And the dictionary is always right.
Omfg, furries are freaking sexay. Them in their cat ears.
by Adrian/SB992 September 22, 2004
virginity, not having had sex, a great gift from a woman to a man, something that many women are proud to have and men are ashamed to, originally termed from loveless, a yaoi anime.
Samantha : I saw Beth go home with Bill.

Sara : I bet they were trying to figure out how to lose their cat ears all night long.
by LaPluma September 20, 2009
Like a dog-ear, but bent rather than folded. Meant to be temporary and used on a group of pages.
classmate 1: Hey, what page was chapter 2 at?
classmate 2: Here, I used a cat-ear so I could skip right ahead to it... It's at page 59
by Jagans September 19, 2010
the ears of a cat...

THE EARS OF A CAT!!!!!!!!!!!!

(commonly found in the gang of the long-haired trench coaties with "OH PAPA! YOU GOT ME A PONY!?" tails)
oh my Rumphius, those are quite the cat ears your wearing today! Your a true trend setter! like the Cats Meow!!! (Rumphius say: come here right MEOW!)
by Jimmy99827 May 15, 2008