The definition of cuteness. Cats are little bundles of joy.
I love my cat, she's so adorable!
by Kris-Kross May 17, 2012
A perfect illustration of the principle that all words, no matter how basic, are ultimately made up.
"Hey guys, what do you think about 'cat' for this meow thing?" Cengiz asked.
by maxkeepsitreal1 February 19, 2010
An adorable furry animal that you can cuddle with all day. They sleep almost all day. They tend to track hair all over your house.
Look at that cat, she is sleeping!
by Billspicemaster June 20, 2013
The thing beetween a girl's legs. also known as a pussy
Veronica sent me a picture of her cat.
by Icehawk12345 October 10, 2011
A flake or a tease; often referring to a woman who says she wants to hang out but then can never meet up.
Female: Ayyy sorry boo I cant kick it today shits come up

Male: Awww man you a cat mama!
by uneazy-e January 17, 2011
A furry Animal that steals your breath!!!

You've Been Warned!!
Girl: *goes to sleep*
Cat: *lays on face and steals breath* MEOW
by mel9895 May 25, 2009
A furry animal that hides in the tiniest of spaces just to jump out at you and scare the hell out of you.
Martha jumped when Tard the Grumpy Cat flew out of the laundry basket. Martha hated those kinds of cats.
by Crazypersonwholovescats December 30, 2012

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