The Felis Catus is specified as a minuscule domesticated carnivore with the qualities of retractile nails, advanced flexibility, and a conical pinna and external auditory meatus. In other words, a cat is a cute, chubby purring thing good for falling asleep on your lap so you can't get up and shedding all over your brand new yoga pants.
I have a fat cat named Mr. Chubby. He's cute, and loves cat food.
by Alexander Hova July 07, 2013
(n.) used to describe an unusually fluffy mammal that has ancestors from the jungle (grrr.) A cat is playful, fun, and adorable.
Stephanie- awwwww, your cat is SO FREAKING FLUFFY!!!!

Jenny- ..........?
by ittybittykitty62 May 06, 2011
1) an animal usually found napping, playing with yarn, or being chased by a dog

2) nickname for "Catherine", and anyone nicknamed thus is automatically sweet and perfect, and yes: they sneeze rather like the animal cat
1) that cat tore up my couch!!!

2) Cat is so nice, she is my bff!!!
by cma2012 April 11, 2010
hat, anti-depressant, napkin, foot stool, exterminator, form of entertainment, toupee.

lovable, clever creatures.
me: since when has dale had hair?
you: maybe he is using rogaine.
dale: it's a cat, but thanks.
by alexanda March 24, 2010
Also know as Chloe's. They are interesting creatures. Who like the sun and dislike water. They come in all shapes and sizes and COLORS! they are furry and cute. Although some of them are weird.
person #1: "look at that cat!"
Person #2: "oh you mean that chloe? shes so cute! look at her little paws!!!"
by ilikenewyorkcity January 09, 2011
Referring to a vagina
I bet she has a real nice cat!
by CharlesBarn April 30, 2010
The definition of cuteness. Cats are little bundles of joy.
I love my cat, she's so adorable!
by Kris-Kross May 17, 2012

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