1. a household pet

2. Someone typically considered cool

3. a flake, originating from the bay area
1. I love my cat Nibbles he is so cool.

2. Man, James is a cool cat, lets go kick it with him.

3. Stop catting around! Everytime I call you, you're always cattin.
by Stoner Dan September 27, 2008
Ninjas in fur suit with knives hidden in the paws.
When you cat(or cats) stalks the hallway at night? Yeah, it's training.
by iwillneverbeafraidagain January 18, 2012
A term used instead of the word vagina.
Can be used around teachers without them knowing what your talking about

Can also be used as another name for the female gender.
Dude you butt dialed me yesterday when you were getting some cat
by catman2012 October 06, 2010
a fluffy mammal. very cute. comes in all shapes and sizes. a common pet.
Hey did you see those cats in the pet store?
They were so gorgeous!
by Information2You July 20, 2010
1. A domesticated house-pet, they like to lie around the house and shit everywhere. They generally have no soul and are vastly considered inferior to dogs as companions. However, wild cats like lions and tigers are pretty cool.

2. A cool guy, usually a jazz musician.
1. My cat ran away, but who really cares. Time to get a dog.

2. Man, that is one cool cat. He can play!
by FreeTheGhetto July 18, 2010
A small, furry housepet that goes good broiled over rice.
What are you eating?....OH DEAR GOD IS THAT A CAT?
by Psy Peterson March 14, 2009
An awesome pet that has a lot of whiskers and a tail
Person 1: ME WOW!
Cat 1: Meow
by Justingraziano July 22, 2008

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