Short for Catherine. This person is usually beautiful on the inside and the outside. she is nice to everyone and treats them with hers best and this leads to lots of people mistaking her for there best friend. If you are her friend, Well done hears a gold start. You got very lucky. Usually takes the social aspect of life and therefor must deal with conflict from others. If you know someone called cat and they bring conflict to your life, deal with it because she always will make up for any amount of conflict. Has bad self esteem usually but everyone knows she is a great person inside and outside and worth every effort. The people closest to her (Eg. boyfriends, brothers mums, Best friends and dads) all treat her like shit for no reason but everyone knows she only deserves the best. Orange eyes and most cats favorite color is green. If you ever see a cat (Catherine) alone and unhappy, this is because she has been miss-treated so go up to her make her feel exactly like she deserves, like a great person. Other girls should look up to this person, and make a attempt to be more like
"mum i made a new friend at school today" -Kid
"whats there name" -Mum
"Cat, short for Catherine" -Kid
by Maple. December 23, 2010
A gay, hedonistic proto-dog. The cat is probably the only untamed domestic animal as it has no need for humans, only uses them in the facilitating of its ritualistic food, sleep, and orgy habits.

The only animal known to man that when talked to, can express the concept "fuck off, fuck off now" without moving a muscle.
The cat will eat you when you die alone in your apartment.
by Late_Edition July 30, 2010
1. Not a dog

2. A small furry animal with whiskers and a tail

2. A very soft and cute thing that you can love and hug.
My cat is a cat. She is furry, cute, soft, and a good foot warmer. She is very cute.
by Sara Shay June 13, 2009
A furred animal. It has four legs and walks on all fours. The colors differ.
A cat is in the feline family.
by Kerriwillkillusallintheend July 10, 2008
a cat is so much better than a dog
: they sleep a lot
: don't need a lot of food
: there cuddly
: they stay tiny forever
: everybody agree's that iz soo much better than
: they don't bark
: there smart
: dog's drool, cats don't
: you don't need to take a cat for a walk
: dogs like there butt then lick your face, cat's don't
: cats are more elegant
: cats don't break orniments when they jump up
: cats clean themselfs
: cats don't wreck your house
: you can leave a cat alone for hours without it getting needy
: cats lie on your feet at night without breaking your bones

: cats make you laugh
: cats breath doesn't stink!
: you don't need to groom a cat as much

: they are the uk's most popular pet
: dogs dig holes
: dogs attack children and cats don't
: cats use a litter box, dogs drag you outside
: cat's always land on there feet
: no one has a ''beware of the cat sign''
: garfield beats odie all the time
: cats are independant
: you don't need a ''cat sitter''
: cats don't need a haircut (at least shorthaired)
: cats are more relaxed
: cats aren't as demanding
: cats don't eat there food too fast
: according to the american humane society cats reduce your blood pressure
: when you are lonley or upset they come up to you and give you a hug
: most bad guys are portrayed as having big fluffy white cats :)
: scooby doo sucks!
thats about all the reasons i can think of (right now at least)
smart cat = (slaps dog)

dog= (bewildered look on face) woof

smart cat = haha stupid dog, you are to silly to learn english

cats 1 dogs 0
by catlover101 June 30, 2009
"Cat: one hell of a nice animal, frequently mistaken for a meatloaf." B. Kliban
The most excellent illustrator B. Kliban could draw cartoon cats, realistic cats, and most especially cats that resembled a meatloaf. He knew cats, and cats knew him.
by bats :[ March 22, 2009
a feline found in many residential homes all around north america
hey bob i just bought a nice orange cat
by Catlover97 March 11, 2009

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