In automotive terms, cat is short for Catalytic Converter - a device to break down the harmful emmisions released into the atmosphere by a car's engine.

Some people hollow out their cats(sometimes referred to as "gutting") or remove them altogether to improve performance, despite the fact that it is illegal in many (but not all) countries.
I gutted my cat yesterday.
My cat's got a rattle in it.
by r31vhead January 18, 2004
1. A Domestic Animal Usualy Small Furry
2. A Cool Person
3. Cat Copy Something

1.Is That Your New Cat Aww He's So Furry
2.Them Cats Are Good At Pool
3.You Catted My Lyrics You Waste Man
by M.o.r.g.a.n July 24, 2006
an epic creature that will shoot fire at you if you get near it. you can usually find one outside or near/in a house. its main abilities are to chomp and scratch but they can also pounce, shoot lasers out of their eyes, be cute, jump as high as they want, and fly. do not fight one unless you are equipped with extreme power armor and heavy assault cannons. its also better to bring multiple friends. dont say i didnt warn you when you get vaporized from being fooled by its cuteness.
i walked up to a cat and died because i wasnt well equipped
by bjc2002 February 20, 2013
Short for Catherine. This person is usually beautiful on the inside and the outside. she is nice to everyone and treats them with hers best and this leads to lots of people mistaking her for there best friend. If you are her friend, Well done hears a gold start. You got very lucky. Usually takes the social aspect of life and therefor must deal with conflict from others. If you know someone called cat and they bring conflict to your life, deal with it because she always will make up for any amount of conflict. Has bad self esteem usually but everyone knows she is a great person inside and outside and worth every effort. The people closest to her (Eg. boyfriends, brothers mums, Best friends and dads) all treat her like shit for no reason but everyone knows she only deserves the best. Orange eyes and most cats favorite color is green. If you ever see a cat (Catherine) alone and unhappy, this is because she has been miss-treated so go up to her make her feel exactly like she deserves, like a great person. Other girls should look up to this person, and make a attempt to be more like
"mum i made a new friend at school today" -Kid
"whats there name" -Mum
"Cat, short for Catherine" -Kid
by Maple. December 23, 2010
A sexy woman who doesnt care what other people think of her and her actions. Loving, sarcastic, funny, friendly, flirty, cool, blunt, attention whore are other words that describe her. Just like the feline she loves to be the center of your attention but rub her the wrong way and watch out for her claws!
Check out Cat!
by ChampagneJunkie February 04, 2010
A totally awesome, smart, witty, beautiful woman with a head for business and a heart (and body) for lovin'. A good and loyal friend. If you look up "cool" in the dictionary you will see a picture of Cat.
Wow, Cat does it all, and still makes time for her friends.
by KGlo February 03, 2010
1. Not a dog

2. A small furry animal with whiskers and a tail

2. A very soft and cute thing that you can love and hug.
My cat is a cat. She is furry, cute, soft, and a good foot warmer. She is very cute.
by Sara Shay June 13, 2009
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