A bonus difficulty unlocked in the best selling game, reffered to as" "Life"

To unlock this difficulty level, simply, purchase a cat.

Cat difficulty doesn't seem too hard, but it's an addition to existing difficulties in videogames.

Examples include games like Guitar Hero. Cat difficulty is applied randomly, using Guitar Hero as an example, you'll be playing a song, and the cat will come over to you, headbutt you in the face, and try to sleep on your guitar.

Similar effects can be felt playing Halo 3.
God damn I Wish there was a way to turn Cat difficulty off!

I only won because he was busy playing in Cat.

Easy, Medium, Hard, Expert, Cat.

by Volkade December 23, 2008
1. That guy who took all of our base
2. The funniest animal on earth. Next to the platypus.
1. Take off every zig.
2. The cats all jumped when the flashlight moved.
by Philip George October 27, 2005
A man(among others)to whom all your base are belong
Cats:All your base are belong to us
by Jonjo January 15, 2005
The perfect animal. There is nothing better than the cat. Many scientists speculate that Chuck Norris is indeed a cat. Many scientists also speculate that the cat will no longer evolve, because it is in it's most perfect form already. The cat's only known natural enemy is the dog, even though the dog is no match for the cat, in wits, vision, or hearing. There are very few cases of dogs winning, and it is proven that in each case either the cat was lame or blind in one or more eyes.
"My cat Fluffy is so smart!"

The above statement is stupid, because all cats are intelligent.
by scruffyfan August 29, 2008

1. /kãts/ Plural form of cat

2a. /kãts/ Someone who all our base are belong to
2b. /kãts/ The person who set up us the bomb
2c. /kãts/ A evil character in Zero Wing
1. There are many cats in the house.

2. CATS: Hello gentlemen, all your base are belong to us.
by Kris18 May 09, 2006
Cats are medium sized, fluffy felines. Cats love to play and cuddle, but don't be fooled by their cuteness; they have razor sharp claws that can slash out your eyes. But they're still very cute.
Cats are cute and fluffy, but vicious.
by Cat Lover322 October 19, 2011
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