An insult to someones appearance. Meaning they are horrible or disgusting.
i.e. you see an unattractive female so you would say "that girl is cat"
#insult #horrible #unattractive #disgusting #ugly
by superman859543 July 10, 2008
A person who is "cat" is a pussy, chicken etc
man 1: just jump off the cliff already
man 2: no im scared
man 1: ohh your so cat, i knew you wouldnt jump.
#pussy #chicken #scardicat #pussycat #pusy
by nikkidarling August 29, 2008
Another word for pussy, used mostly around adults as to avoid being caught with the word.
Guy: "hey baby. Watchu wanna do tonight?"

Girl "I want you to lick my cat"
#pussy #cat #sex #eating out #code
by Supercalafragilistic August 04, 2007
Cat- also in french means a bitch a cat usually goes about his day with a tropical smoothie in his hand and is known for his "bitch" moments these Bitch moments are never excpected, u could just be asking him to go to the mall with you or you could just be pulling a silly prank on his lock on his locker. He is also known for his killing rampages. A cat cant go about his day without taking a mothers life. He is also know for his stabbings.Legend has it that he back stabed his closest friend over a girl hence the other nickname he got "backstabber". A cat also cannot go about his day with out a ADD these add pills always lead to near death experiences at concerts and the always famous "crash" once in crash mode a cat will not speak or move for years but in all a cat is a mans best friend and mans biggest bitch you will always be in our memorys jake menotto<3
dude jake was being such a cat today like he wouldnt stop assking if vinny would chill and i said ur not aloud to chill with him hes not right for u
#b.t.o.o.l. #vetin #gebby mcfresh #balls #nobie won kanobie
by tj feldman June 24, 2009
adorable little creatures that i luv soo much
look at the kittens mum!
by Nadya September 11, 2004
A pussy slang for Vagina
man i fuckin rallied her cat last night, it was meowing at me and everything.

I think i just blew it in you cat.
#pussy #pussie #cst #dog #bird
by J. Gibs August 21, 2008
A man, a guy. Very slangy and 70s-ish. Should not be used by white people--it just makes them look silly--but black people can use it and sound cool.
"We heard someone arguin', and then some cat pulls out his piece and starts wavin' it around, and I got the hell out!"
#guy #man #black guy #black man #person
by Jackee H. December 13, 2007
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