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retarded crack dealers that think they're cool
look at those retarded cats
by weaboo August 21, 2006
Slang for a female human being!
Hey that prettyboy over there who walks and talks funny is afraid of the cat!
by Piranha April 13, 2005
another name for a pussey, wuss, girl, woman. someone who doesnt take part in risky activity because they are scared.
Nathan: Hey Brodie, go play knock and run on that person's front door.
Brodie: Nooo, I dont want to!
Alan: Stop being a cat Brodie!

"He wouldnt win in a fight with Dave, he is too much of a cat"
by nathanfraz May 09, 2009
A Slang word used to represent a cigarette.
1. Yo let's smoke up some cats!
2. I bought a pack o' cats wanna smoke?
3. Pass me a cat and we'll roll out.
by <Maxpower> May 26, 2008
A feline creature used in a joke to stop conversations.
So the cat says "Hey! That's my hot dog!"
by Tzymo August 19, 2003
A female vagina...a term made up from 2 staff members of bear rock
Joe: Yo jason bloemker i just ate some cat.

Joe: Dude, Jason...latley i've been feeling cat deprived.

by Joe Krauss December 14, 2007
In FPS' (i.e., Counter-Strike Source) is a small one-way path to a certain area, mainly a bombsite or to a main point in the game.
During a scrim in CS or CSS you might hear,
"Go cat"
People are in one single file going to a bombsite.
by Sycness August 06, 2006