Currently has my base.
CATS is right. I have no chance to survive make my time.
by dj gs68 August 02, 2003
A cat is a furry creature, with claws. Can get annoyed if you stroke him/her too much. Cats can attack dogs, and cats are faster than dogs. Cats are the best hunters, no wonder, they have the best sense of smell, sight and hearing ever, and are really silent. They can run very fast, and if there was a dog after them, cats can do things dogs cant. A cat can climb trees, whereas dogs dont have claws that sharp. Cats know how to escape dogs, and sometimes even scare them off. To escape, they just walk on the fences, climb the trees until they are at their catflap. The dog is probably in the way, so the cat launches himself/herself off the fence, jumps onto the dog, and into the catflap. Mine does anyway. To scare them off, cats have very sharp 'fangs', and their claws beat all! Cats have special moves in attacks, not just the boring old scratching and biting. Curl Up Move: The cat curls up, waiting for the dog to come. As soon as the dog is close, the cat is ready and starts shredding the dog up, scraping the dog with his/her feet, tearing the dog up with his/her front claws, also biting with the mouth and hissing.
Combo Scratch: The cat jumps from the fence onto the dog, and starts using his/her claws to rip up the dog.
The Painful Move: The cat gets out his/her claws, leaps at the dog's face from some object like a fence, and claws the dog up. People think that bigger creatures are ALWAYS better, but its not true.
Hey, your cat is so furry!!

I cant believe your cat ripped up my dog, man! He had scratches all over him!

My cat is a lovely female cat. She is the cutest you can get, and guess what? I got her for free. I found her in a tree, there was a bigger cat under the tree, dead, I guessed the corpse was her mother. I took her from the tree, and brought her home. She is so cute! Furry, warm, and when she sleeps, she leaves a lovely warm patch! Get her to sleep somewhere on your bed and once she wakes, theres a lovely warm patch waiting for you! She makes some of the cutest cat noises. She does sometimes use her claws and fangs.
by Meh =) April 22, 2006
1. Cute little kitties that go meow but if you treat them badly, HISS!
2. The bad guy in Zero Wing.
3. All your base are belong to us.
Meow. Purr. Hiss.
How are you gentlemen? All your base are belong to us. You are on the way to destruction. You have no chance to survive make your time. Hahahaha...
by The future AlphaClock June 09, 2005
A 4 legged creature that meows a lot when they're hungry.
Garfield, Heathcliff, Felix are all examples of a cat.
by Kfabuloussssss February 19, 2007
CAT as in cat scan

Computed Axial Tomography - is the process of using computers to generate a three-dimensional image from flat (i.e, two-dimensional) x-ray pictures, one slice at a time...
CAT as in cat scan
by khat April 09, 2003
A very polite and/or sarcastic evil mastermind.
"How are you gentlemen?" (talking to people who's ship he has sabotaged with explosives)

"you have no chance to survive make your time" (Informing his victims that they have little chance of survial)

by 1337 November 06, 2003
a cute,fluffy creature needing love
"aren't you the cutest cat ever! yes you are!"
by roody89 September 22, 2007
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