also known as sex kitten;
the hottest chick you willl evvvver see or meet.
she turns gay guys straight. a lot of ugly ass bitches are jealous because they want to look like her.
she is every guys helen.
guy: dayummm that is one fine ass cat! shittt.
girl: omg i wish i looked like her, but i'm an ugly bitch!
by iwillpwnUn00b October 16, 2008
Short for category especially as it relates to wiring.
User: It takes forever to download videos even though my computer says I'm conntected at 100/Full.
Help desk: Is your patch cable rated at least cat-5? (As if a user would know!)
by Yote September 08, 2008
Cats- Referring to a group of males.
"I'm not to blame, for the pain , that was caused by previous cats " - Musiq
by Cody June 18, 2004
Not a dog.
Look at that thing, it's SO not a dog.
Does that mean it's a cat......?
by someone you should listen too September 17, 2012
The devil's minions.
Stupid cat it set my house on fire for the fifth time. I must kick him to the curve.
by IhateCATSwithApassion June 17, 2010
to cat- to make a girl fancy you by flirting alot.
if a girl is known to be someone elses cat, no-one else can engage in catting them.
"i'm going to cat megan"
by peter hyar? June 03, 2009
In argentina is a woman who works at night by offering her sexual services in the streets. A synonym of whore or naughty/dirty girl.
Oh that woman is such a cat ! She tries to have sex with my boyfriend all the time.

They say that girl was in an orgy the other night. If that is true.. well, she's a cat.
by chicagranada May 01, 2009

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