Girls that are nymphos that have banged and continue to bang everyone except the dude that wants it the most. Usually, these girls are very popular and have a different car in front of her house every night. She is sexy in a slutty fine sorta way.
My neighbor is a real cat she has banged everyone in the city but me and im pissed that i ain't hit it. yet.
by coldbeerlover January 10, 2009
A stalemate or draw in a game of tic-tac-toe, often signified by drawing a large letter "C" across the game board.
"awww, its a cats game."
by Craig 119281 November 04, 2005
Annoying girls that look like cats and won't leave you alone on Facebook.
Girls that have fake red hair, blue eyes and look like cats.
by Skadoucheeee. July 10, 2011
A fury shit rat whom even after you fight to win its affection, it still shits on your carpet!
Look at that shit rat cat pissin' on my rug!
by BadassMcGee January 11, 2011
It is usually used to describe someone. It can be used to offend someone, but more commonly used as friendly banter. It's also used to describe objects in a negative way. There are several direct meanings. Gay, ugly or disgusting are some. Cat is singular and plural. It is unknown where the phrase comes from but it is very modern.
(1) "Oh my god you're so cat!"

(2) "Eeeww! This pizza is well cat!"

(3) "You see that red hoodie?"
"I think it's cat"
by Hail me plz March 14, 2010
not a dog.!
woah that dog is totally not a cat.
by stanzy #6 January 03, 2010
An annoying furry animal. Word often used when breaking tension in an akward conversation.
"So did you get laid last night?"
by hellomotopolis March 21, 2009

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