A small furry mammal that meows and likes sleeping.
The cat took a nap on the windowsill, looking outside onto a foggy forest on a rainy day.
by Piper the Cat March 04, 2013
A flake or a tease; often referring to a woman who says she wants to hang out but then can never meet up.
Female: Ayyy sorry boo I cant kick it today shits come up

Male: Awww man you a cat mama!
by uneazy-e January 17, 2011
1) A type of animal that can be trained to be civilized as a pet.

2) A girl's nickname for Catherine
(Example 1)
Father: What your cat doing on the sofa Mary?

Mary: My cat? I don't have a cat..

(Example 2)
Catherine: Come on John, we don't have all day

John: I know, I know, just give me a secound here, Cat..

Catherine: I've been waiting for four hours!

John: It's harder then you think!

Catherine: It still shouldn't take u so long to tie your shoe.
by Lemons rock December 29, 2008
an animal that cleans itself with its tongue. It has sharp claws. They can be wild or domesticated and they can lower a humans blood pressure by simply petting. In ancient Egypt people used to think their gods came in the form of cats therefore they worshiped them.
My cat likes to chase lizards
by Percy_The_Cat June 06, 2016
The opposite to a Dog
Hey, is that a Dog, o sorry, its a Cat, did you know it was opposite day?
by Hay, Dan Newman, Dan the Man July 22, 2016
The weed smoker that you rip off every time and he comes back for more next day. The word is used in London.
I have a few cats to feed.
by Amnesia_HAZE April 08, 2015
A fluffy, adorable, stupid, idiotic, but smart, stuck up, furry, and prissy creature.
I love my cat no matter what.
by AFrostGirl March 11, 2015
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