Cat is a well known drug that is only in one country in the world. South Africa. It is sold in Grams, and sniffed ( Sharnfed ) in lines.
It is a cheapway to gain energy, and social speaking skills and it is known to keep you awake for days.

It is the worst when you have your last line, and know there is no more left. SO one will always make a plan to get more.

The consequences are never throught about until shit hits the fan
Itis sold at R150 a gram
Damn, this cat ROCKS!!!
make a line
How is the shnarf?
by Sangeras February 04, 2011
furry, playful, felines;

loves to rub against objects/people;

can jump pretty high;

have amazing speed & agility;

comes in many different shapes, texture, patterns & styles;
obtains a large amount of.. curiosity

better than sharks, obviously.
1. That is one cool cat.
by c shell August 26, 2009
A small furry mammal that meows and likes sleeping.
The cat took a nap on the windowsill, looking outside onto a foggy forest on a rainy day.
by Piper the Cat March 04, 2013
1. A 4-legged, intelligent animal that would probably kill you if it was a little bigger.

2. a.k.a. Coital Alignment Technique. A sex position that is similar to missionary but the man's chest is at the woman's shoulders.
Guy 1: Me and Freya had sex last night!
Guy 2: Oh my god! What position did you do?
Guy 1: Well, we're both not very experienced so we did the cat!
by old handle August 14, 2014
the part of the female body that is used to have sex with
pussy...or cat
by Mommy meeee August 22, 2013
Used in Toronto - Mississauga as slang for Cigarettes.
"Yo, you got cats?"


"Wana go for a Cat"
by SubzyHubz January 30, 2012
Although "cat" is most often related to the common household pet, the word can also be used as a word to describe a human. One can be a cat if they have twitch-like movements, if they show a strong attraction to fellow felines, if they wear furry apparel, or if they act like/resemble a cat in any way.
Dude, Emma is such a cat!

She thought she looked like Paris Hilton with all that fur on but she really just looked like a cat.

I have a strange suspicion that the crazy cat lady next door is a cat.

Kevin isn't a spaz, he's just a cat!
by Kevinn07 July 30, 2011

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