An animal that claims your furniture as it's own. It uses the furniture as a jungle gym.
"Foxy, get off of the furniture! You are just a cat! Not a leopard!"
by im.back.brush December 22, 2014
A small creature usualy used as a pet, which at first, sprouts happiness, but then a bucket of saddness when dead(or missing).
My cat is a lazy ass.
by RansomXenom September 03, 2013
A house pet that will first start it's reign of terror by shitting in a litter box in the corner of your basement,
it then with lay or tramp around in the box for a few seconds, then it jumps onto your kitchen counter while
you have food out and steps in it with crappy paws. After you keep your cat a few days, it will probably run
off to find a new victim.
Cat Lover: Aww, look at her! Shes walking around on the counter!
Normal Person: You realize she just walked around in a box that she craps in and is now sitting on the table you eat/make food on, right?
by OhGodWhyAmIEvenHere July 23, 2013
The tenacious yet ravenous creature that lurks in the shadowy depths of the kitchen floor, whose primary purpose is to reap the souls of it blissfully unaware and casually blinded victims. The “Cat” or demon of the velvet forest, is the underlying cause for human deaths, usually the result of triple homicides. It is the common opinion of professional veterinary scientists that the “Cat” is a mad chicken raping beast that could only be the result of Lucifer’s broadened affairs with hypnotic muffins.
When you turn off your light to go to sleep, that moment when you feel the eyes of something more... is there... ...The CAT
by Undead Banana Cake July 08, 2013
usally a house hold pet.
sandy: where the cat gone
Kailio: it ran away from me
by ELNEGRO July 01, 2013
The look of a cute furry animal but the personality of an assassin
Dude did you see that cat?
Yeah it tried to kill us!
by Crazycatlady April 29, 2013
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