Jazz terminology
Warren: "You know I saw Jeff at Steve's Place the other night."
Rick: "I can't stand that cat, man.
Fred: "Word, man. That cat is always trying to play us like fools."
by Define Please June 14, 2016
A cat is a very lazy animal that's mostly always grumpy. A cat is an adorable creature some times, because if you make a cat angry you won't want to be near it.😺
A cat is lazy, fluffy some times, angry, and adorable.😸😻
by Sonia✔ May 11, 2016
A cute and cuddly friend that will comfort you and entertain you. Cats purr when happy and meow when hungry. Cats are also a mans best friend not only dogs.
My cat ate hugged me with joy when I came back from my vacation.
by scientistandsquashplayer101 September 13, 2015
a furry, cute pet that eats your food and sleeps all day.
MEOW! *MUNCH MUNCH MUNCH* a cat is a great thing. Sometimes.
by Conderpius April 11, 2015
Cute balls of fluff who may murder you in your sleep.
A.K.A Felines
Friend 1: Where is he? He didn't come to work!
Friend 2: His cat murdered him.
Friend 1: Oh ok.
by DAVID BAE TENNANT March 15, 2015
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