A small, usually furry creature. It chooses when it will send or receive affection. They will either love you or completely despise you, there is no inbetween. Will most likely control the human race in 50 years.
Person #1: What is that!

Person #2: Just my cat.
by M4ddie July 24, 2014
The nickname given to self-harm. Many of those who have an addiction/feel the need to harm themselves regularly describe the need to self-harm as a demon telling them so. This demon is often called Cat.

The nickname Cat has two origins:
1) "Cat" sounds like "Cut"
2) A common excuse for the scars on wrists/thighs/other body parts is "the cat did it"
I have a feeling Cat will visit me tonight
by SummerTanberry June 13, 2014
The best fucking pet ever, has glowing eyes and agility like a ninja. You will not regret your choice of a cat.
Where did my cat go?
*cat drops from ceiling*
by XxCommandoxX February 15, 2014
some one who is a cat is a flake and always bails much like a stray cat does when you aproach it
bro alex is such a cat he never shows
alex hella catted on us last night
by glassbluntz July 10, 2010
furry, playful, felines;

loves to rub against objects/people;

can jump pretty high;

have amazing speed & agility;

comes in many different shapes, texture, patterns & styles;
obtains a large amount of.. curiosity

better than sharks, obviously.
1. That is one cool cat.
by c shell August 26, 2009
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