a cat is so much better than a dog
: they sleep a lot
: don't need a lot of food
: there cuddly
: they stay tiny forever
: everybody agree's that www.icanhazcheezburger.com iz soo much better than www.icanhazhotdog.com
: they don't bark
: there smart
: dog's drool, cats don't
: you don't need to take a cat for a walk
: dogs like there butt then lick your face, cat's don't
: cats are more elegant
: cats don't break orniments when they jump up
: cats clean themselfs
: cats don't wreck your house
: you can leave a cat alone for hours without it getting needy
: cats lie on your feet at night without breaking your bones

: cats make you laugh
: cats breath doesn't stink!
: you don't need to groom a cat as much

: they are the uk's most popular pet
: dogs dig holes
: dogs attack children and cats don't
: cats use a litter box, dogs drag you outside
: cat's always land on there feet
: no one has a ''beware of the cat sign''
: garfield beats odie all the time
: cats are independant
: you don't need a ''cat sitter''
: cats don't need a haircut (at least shorthaired)
: cats are more relaxed
: cats aren't as demanding
: cats don't eat there food too fast
: according to the american humane society cats reduce your blood pressure
: when you are lonley or upset they come up to you and give you a hug
: most bad guys are portrayed as having big fluffy white cats :)
: scooby doo sucks!
thats about all the reasons i can think of (right now at least)
smart cat = (slaps dog)

dog= (bewildered look on face) woof

smart cat = haha stupid dog, you are to silly to learn english

cats 1 dogs 0
by catlover101 June 30, 2009
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Top Definition
The definitive pet.
Cleans self. Knows how to catch it's food.
Probably gave humans the idea for a "vaccum." Is intelligent and curious.
Likes to lay around alot, sort of like a couch potato. That's cool though.

They are usually quiet and know where to use the bathroom, unlike dogs.
Cats rule, dogs drool. Remember that.
by SuperSonicX November 15, 2004
A quite pleasant furry creature that vaguely resembles a meatloaf. Cats are the most intellectually superior creature on Earth. They are particularly adept at training human beings to do their bidding, and spend 18 hours a day on average apparently sleeping. What they are really doing is coming up with ways to take over the Earth while still retaining humans to make that yummy cat food for them. If cats had opposable thumbs, they, not us, would be the dominant force on this planet.
"Is that a meatloaf???"
"No, it's my cat!"
by gadjitfreek July 29, 2007
A person, usually male and generally considered or thought to be cool.
After meeting a new group of people one may say to his or her friends "Those cats were allright."

Where is that cat?

I haven't seen him in a while. That cat's getting fat.
by Bro May 13, 2004
a cool muscian, usually a jazzer who can play extremely well.
Now that cat can play.
by Aleks March 01, 2004
An adorable little domestic animal of the feline persuasion, which "cat" is usually referred to.

Can be obnoxious sometimes, but mainly in a playful/cute way. Intelligent, independent, demure, cuddly... and viscious fighters should a fight build up. A mainly carnivorous animal, cats keep your home free of pesky animals, and especially rodents.

Birds, for better or worse, won't build their nests near your house.

As adorable as they are, cats aren't as sweet and gentle as they may seem... they look rather annoyed when they hear themselves called "pookums", "widdle cutums" and other similar names.

But it is fun watching them bat at insects or dangling strings, attacking your blanket-covered toes in the morning, one or more kitties curled up on the couch...
Taffy, a big orange tabby, and Nite (night), a smaller "tuxedo" cat, are cuddle up in their basket... suddenly an owner comes in.

Owner: "He-wo! Good morning my widdle diddymses!"

The cats look up, rather indignant.

Owner: "Did my widdle poi tats sweep o tay, did 'em? Did 'em? How's my widdle kitty pusses?"

Taffy and Nite look at each other and puke simultaneously.

Taffy: This is one disturbed girl, isn't she?

Nite: Darn straight. Somebody tell her to shut up.
by Lorelili March 23, 2005
He set us up the bomb. Also took all our base.
It's you!
by MoonKnight November 28, 2002
Better than a human could ever be. Here's why-
1) Look into a cat's face. You should be able to tell that they know something you don't.
2) They get to sleep 18 hours a day and play for the entire other 6.
3) Who is cleaning up who's litter box here?
4) They are able to move faster than you can, can land on their feet, and can move through tighter spaces than you can.
5) Dogs have owners; Cats have staff.
Cats are simply better than you.
by musicfan62 March 17, 2009
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