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1. The reason everyone is screwed up.

2. As children, we try to look for a cat and a cradle in the string game cat's cradle, but we don't see it, thus, it ruins us mentally.
No damn cat, and no damn cradle.
by Rainsdark January 29, 2003
also the metaphor that good old Kurt uses for Religion
I read Cat's Cradle and it awed me.
by Matt April 14, 2005
A fun little childhood game that Kurt Vonnegut used to point out the senselessness of human existance. It's all in our minds.
"See the cat? See the cradle"
by kilgore trout December 06, 2003
the area in a males pants that is between the ball sack and the shaft. Also refers to the dried semen that dribbles down the penis and behind the ball sack.
I got an itch in the cats cradle
by Ruben Migroin April 09, 2011
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