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–adjective 1. temporarily deprived of the ability to think of a resonce, while texting, by strong emotion, physical weakness, exhaustion, etc.
You never responded to my text about being pregnant. What's the matter, cat got your thumbs?
by nugmonster February 22, 2009
3 0
A text message most commonly sent to some one who has suddenly stopped replying in a text message conversation.
Tom: So anyway, would you mind if I borrowed your biology lab notes?
Emmi: (No response)
Tom: What's the matter? Cat got your thumbs?
by Tucker Maile September 02, 2008
15 6
When someone doesn't text you back after you text them, you text them "cat got your thumbs?". It's a play on "cat got your tongue?", which is an idiom used to compel someone to speak who is unusually quiet.
Sam texts: "Hey what's up, I'm in your hood"
No response....
Sam texts: "Cat got your thumbs?"
by dantechulo September 16, 2008
16 8
an expression of surprise caused by the failure to respond by the other half of an SMS conversation
What's up dude cat got your thumb?!
by Barry Lloyd July 20, 2005
8 12