Some weird chick in Boston who wears kitty cat ears all the time. She has a buncha different kinds.
cat ears girl always wears kitty ears. no one knows why.
by Russtee July 11, 2008
Top Definition
The girl who frequents Harvard Square and North Station in Boston who wears cat ears everyday. She is an art student who normally wears plastic rimmed glasses, converse shoes, and black sweatshirts with some type of picture stenciled on them. She is commonly seen drawing creepy pictures in a notebook, or chewing beef jerky. If you speak to her, she'll introduce herself as either 'Tash' or 'Cat Ears Girl'.
"Why is that girl wearing cat ears?"

"I dunno, she's Cat Ears Girl. Go ask her."
by Squishy Bob July 11, 2008
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