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Ailing BBC TV program about the lives of the staff of the ficticious Holby General Accident & Emergency Department. Has been running for 19 series, but should have ended at least two years ago.
Also inspired the Spin-Off 'Holby City', now in it's 6th year.
Did you see the Casualty/Holby City crossover at Christmas?
by Siren's Song February 24, 2005
The termination of a biological lifeform. See death
When attending a rap concert, don't panic until after the tenth casualty.
by Sk0pe December 06, 2003
1. Someone injured or killed or captured or missing in a military engagement

2. Fatal accident: an accident that causes someone to die

3. A decrease of military personnel or equipment
1. Officer: "We need medical support, we have three casualties, two of 'em fatal."

2. Newscaster: "There's been a casualty with the airliner, a wiring problem caused it to crash, killing over a hundred passengers."

3. Soldier 1: "Where's our extra ammo?"
Soldier 2: "HQ didn't send any."
Soldier 1: "Another casualty, eh?"
by JordACE August 23, 2009
A fashion victim spotted in a tacky or kitschy outfit.
She was such a casualty in that ill-fitting dress.
by The Chic Spy August 12, 2011
somthing bad, somthing irritating or frustrating
"its a casualty that i cant go out tonight"
by Tyler Kennedy December 04, 2003