adj. completed easily, layed back.
"That battle was pretty casual dog."
by iq December 02, 2002
Synonymous with chavs, kevs, innits, etc. Possibly connected to the gang of football-hooligans of the same name.
We were down in Knole Park playing guitar and this group of casuals came down and started whacking Christian around the head with a beer can.
by A G D J December 25, 2007
Another name for a cigarette.
"He was standing on the street corner, hacking on a casual."
by Kr!Z g September 25, 2009
to poop regularly
Omg i just took the best casual
by MJLAT August 07, 2008
a casual alcoholic beverage; beer is the number one casual beverage. the ideal situation for drinking casual is when you just get home from a long day at work, or when you just want to enjoy a few casuals with the boys(close friends/chums)
"Hey Ted, let's say you and I watch the game and enjoy a few casuals"

"You got it Johnson, theres nothing like hanging out with boys and sipping a nice casual!"

"I say we all head over to Nick's garage and pound some casuals"
by Johnny_X March 31, 2008
not showing effort, completed with ease.
Litmer is one casual swagman
by jig April 27, 2003
A stealthily taken photograph of an ugly or funny looking human being. The art of casuals is very hard to perfect. The perfect casual is not noticeable to the eye and the outcome is an astounding picture.
Quick! Get a casual of this guy!
by France March 19, 2004

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