adj. completed easily, layed back.
"That battle was pretty casual dog."
by iq December 02, 2002
anything not done hardcore
Briana: I just finished a triathlon
Luke: I swam the dead sea
Keith: I flew to the moon
Jawn: Fucking casuals, not hard enough.
by Pope Swagmaster February 08, 2015
its casual, meaning "its whatever" or "its chill"; also can be used to describe random objects that you see
tom: oh sorry dude, i just stepped on your foot!
jim: its casual.

melinda: i didnt due my 20 page research paper thats due today. its casual.

julia: oh, casual airhorn
by eprof897 March 11, 2010
Some absolute betafag who goes by the moniker 'Cruelty'. What on earth mate, cruelty ahahahaha.
Pete is an utter casual.
by JudasParsons July 09, 2014
universal word for whatever's happening. it could also be used for breaking awkwardness.
It would be really casual if that guy talked to me.
by casual1234 April 06, 2011
A word to describe how someone dresses. Casual way of dressing can be simply put down to just t-shirt, long sleeve shirt, hoodie, fleece, and etc... with jeans. Casual doesn't have a color requirement. Casual doesn't include V-Neck sweaters or dress shirts, because it would make you look more formal.
Timmy is looking casual in his yellow t-shirt and dark blue jeans.
by JFashionMajor February 13, 2010
a smartly dressed chav, often wears adidas originals, aquascutum, paul shark and burberry etc.
football hooligans are mainly related too casuals.
by bbb234 November 13, 2009
a laid back person, who refuses to conform to the masses, just does their own thing and usually gets hated for it!!
"Look at that dirty casual!!"
by emily laura May 07, 2005

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